Wishlist: a black and white affair.

July 29, 2010

There are so many things that I want from Forever 21 lately. Every time I go on their site I see at least 15-20 new items that I want, so it was hard picking just 9 for this wishlist. I really tried to squeeze in as many items as I could which you can probably tell!
Their "Faith 21" collection keeps getting better and they now have Tara Lynn (who is a real plus sized model) modeling some of the Faith 21 products, she is incredible!

♥ 1. Faith 21 Multi-Chain Halter Top $22.80
♥ 2. Faith 21 Colorblock Shoulder Dress $22.80
♥ 3. Forever 21 Snake Chain Necklace $9.80
♥ 4. Forever 21 Pearlescent Shine Bracelet $5.80
♥ 5. Forever 21 Marie Jeweled Ring $4.80
♥ 6. Forever 21 Suedette Platform Pumps $24.80
♥ 7. Faith 21 Embroidered Trims Woven Top $24.80
♥ 8. Forever 21 Beaded Foliate Headband $7.80
♥ 9. Forever 21 Jewel Encrusted Bracelet $12.80

What do you girls think of Faith 21 and Forever 21 in general? Are you a huge fan like me?

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  1. I love Forever 21 so much,but i keep myself away from their site because i can't buy there,i can only lust and drool over each thing i love.Shipping is so expensive and there's no Forever 21 around the country and i don't believe there will be one any time soon.
    I love your wishlist.<3

  2. All very cute and lovely items. Very much beautiful and charming.

  3. I love faith21. I could spend all my money on them. sadly (or luckily?) shipping is so expensive they scare me away ;)

    your finds are all so pretty

  4. Aw I wish they would hurry up and open a shop up here! Would be so good! Love your picks! x

  5. Mmm..numbers 1, 3 and 7!!!

    I haven't known about Forever21 and Faith21 until a while ago. And immediately after I had found them I fell in love. But, as MarySew mentioned, it's a shame their shipping is so expensive :/

  6. Oh my goodness.
    I love you right now.
    I'd heard Forever 21 mentioned on American blogs I read, but presumed it wasn't available in the UK.
    But after you'd mentioned it in this post, since you live in Ireland, I thought I'd check.
    And I found the most perfect collection EVER.
    And just in time for my birthday in a month too!!
    Thank you!

  7. LOVE them both. I've really only ever been able to wear knit things from Forever 21 because I'm a litttle too big in the bust department more often than not for anything else... so I was thrilled when they introduced Faith 21. They have definitely been getting better as time goes on with a wider selection and not making things so obviously "plus sized". It's always hard for me to just pick a few things too :-)

    Also- I just wanted to make sure you got my e-mail with my address for the giveaway? I'm sooo excited about it!!! In particular, I'm looking forward to working the pin into some outfits. I've never really done pins before so I'm excited to try something new!

  8. I adore both Forever21 and Faith 21. I like that they're able to cater to those of us who aren't pencil thin. My only complaint, is that I wish they would make everything available in plus sizes.

  9. I love both faith21 & forever21. Their clothes may not be the best quality but they are cute and affordable. Plus their accessories section rocks!

  10. great wishlist! :D love black and white, and this list is spot on! <3

  11. I like forever21 but where I live we don't have and i never order online, but the items you picked are great. xo

  12. Wonderful wishlist! Let me tell you though, as somebody who has a Forever21 ten minutes from her house, it can get DANGEROUS. I spend entirelyyyyy tooo much money there. It's so wonderful and irresponsible but I just can't stop! (And don't really want to!) Great list of stuff :)

  13. Hey :)
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment / good luck message!
    I think F21 is so awesome! & I love that Rumi Neely is involved. So cannot wait for it to open in the UK! xxx

  14. black and white is a great color combo that will never go out of style, and neither will any of the clothes that have it in them. love the first top :)

  15. Hey,

    Im a new follower on your blog and I allready love it ;o) I have been spending almost 30 minutes on your blog allready ;o)


  16. Oh my! haha I love Forever 21 too, can spend SO much money in there! love the pieces you picked x

  17. I've learned about Faith 21 as I was doing a few random searches to edit my blog entry called "Plus Size Fashion." Learned that Faith 21 is the Plus Size (or Extended Size) line from Forever 21. So these are some lovely clothes from Faith 21.

    johnbmarine.blogspot.com (John's Blog Space)

  18. I'm just not a fan of Forever 21- not my style, too youthful looking for my taste!

  19. I love Forever 21 too but i only shop there once in a while because the items are pretty pricy in Malaysia

    one dress cost RM 80 and above :(