OOTD/VMA Fashion Recap

September 16, 2010

Dress: Primark *** Shoes: Love Label *** Bracelet: Forever 21

This is actually yesterdays outfit! Excuse how weird my face looks, I had fake tan on and it makes me look odd. I always say I won't use it again but I get bored of my milky white skin now and then.
I have my arms out! A few people have asked me to post an outfit where i'm not covering my arms so here you go! I do tend to cover my arms on purpose not because of my bingo wings (i'm fine with them!) but because I have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. Its not too noticable in these pictures probably because a. i'm wearing fake tan and b. the flash on my camera was very bright. It does bother me quite a bit though!

I bought this dress in Primark a couple of days ago, I was super excited to find it still there in my size because the bigger sizes always sell out first! I loved it in the store but on me..i'm not so sure. I don't think the fabric is the most flattering but I love the single shoulder, rose corsage and ruching detail on the side! It was only €15 so it was a bargain but I may list it on eBay eventually.
I kept it simple with the accessories, I wanted the focus to be on the detailing on the dress and the shoes I paired it with. I just added a lace bangle from Forever 21 and a sequin clutch purse (not pictured)

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards were on Sunday so I am a couple of days late but I thought it would be fun to do a little fashion recap and show you guys who I thought looked great...and the not so great too!

My favorites of the night: (l-r) Ashley Greene wearing Giambattista Valli, I would wear this whole outfit! I love the contrast between the bustier and skirt. Jenni "Jwoww" Farley often looks trashy on Jersey Shore but she looked so classy at this event and really surprised me. The diamante shoes really compliment the detail on the shoulder of her dress. Katy Perry wore Marchesa, I couldn't decide if this was more of a hit or a maybe but it made it to my favorites in the end. The dress reminded me a little of a figure skating costume at first but it has grown on me. I probably would have chosen a closed toe pump (think YSL Tribute pumps in patent black or nude!) but overall I liked it. And how cute is her hair! Stephanie Pratt and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth stood out with their golden tones, they were wearing Nicole Miller and Gabriela Cadena. Stephanie took a risk with the maxi dress but pulled it off and Lo's one shoulder gold dress was a nice change from all of the black and white the other celebs were wearing!

Now on to the "maybe" list!

Emma Stone looked cute in her Pucci leather dress but I feel like she played it a bit too safe. She could have used more accessories or different shoes to make the dress really stand out. Audrina Partridge stuck with the sparkles trend in her Isaac Mizrahi dress but the open toe gold sandals ruined the outfit for me. Victoria Justice looked really cute but her dress reminds me of the kind of dresses I used to buy at Hot Topic when I was 15. Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola was dressed head-to-toe in Bebe, her dress was only $139. It is a nice dress and it looks good on her but it just didn't say "wow" to me. Lastly.. Brenda Song opted for leather look leggings and a tunic top, she was one of the few female celebrities who didn't wear a dress (Jane Lynch being the other, but she worked it!) I do actually like the tunic and leggings together however I think the shoes ruin it, they are too bulky. I think she should have opted for a pump or booties that aren't quite so chunky. Another reason she only made it to my "maybe" list instead of my favorites was because I don't think this outfit is appropriate for the event she was attending.

The not so good..

Deena Nicole Cortese wore a blue and black tiered dress. I think the shape of the dress wasn't particularly flattering on her and it looks a little tacky to me! Selena Gomez was dressed in a metallic Reem Acra gown, I like the dress itself but it seems like she is trying to adapt a more mature, grown up style. I don't think this dress works for her. Ke$ha is in a garbage bag from Home Depot. I am not being sarcastic, she actually made the dress with a black garbage bag. I do give her A+ for effort, her (or whoever made the dress) did a good job on creating a dress from something we usually use to dispose of trash but overall the dress isn't cute (I do love her legs though!) Evan Rachel Wood got it all wrong! Yikes. The dress looks too big for her in places, especially on her right waist-hip area. I know leopard print is in for A/W but I don't like this look at all. I think a black figure hugging dress and berry pumps would have looked much cuter with her red hair and porcelain skin.

Roxy Olin brought something different to the red carpet and had a unique look but I just don't like it personally. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's printed blue dress would have been cute if it was a solid color. I'm not a big fan of the print (I do like her accessories though) Hayley Williams wore Miu Miu from their Fall 2010 collection. I preferred this on the runway where they styled it as a tunic rather than a dress, plus Hayleys hair ruins it for me. Amber Riley was one of the few bigger gals on the red (well, white) carpet and I hate to say it but this look did nothing for me. I am usually a fan of her style and I think she is adorable but the length of her dress looks awkward and I am over that "nerdy" look with those oversized glasses that hipsters have been doing for the past few years. Gabi of youngfatandfabulous was the other plus sized girl on the carpet that night and she looked incredible! You can see a picture of her outfit on her blog.

(VMA pictures are from mtv.com)

You may be wondering why Lady Gaga and her Alexander Wang gown or tacky meat dress didn't make it onto any list? Well I don't think she is "exciting" or "different" or "unique". People have been doing what she is doing for years but they are just lesser known and not quite as obnoxious (see Roisin Murphy) Personally I think she tries too hard to be different and is still figuring out her own style.

Who were your favorites of the night? Are you a fan of all the one shoulder dresses, the sparkles, and the black and white? Do you miss long length gowns or are you happy that the mini dress is dominating the red carpets right now?



  1. I've not really seen any of the outfits apart from Gaga's meat dress - we actually sat at house group last night discussing how the dress worked - was it raw? Had it been cooked blue (like in france where it literally hits the pan and is taken back out again straight after) my other suggestion was that it had been injected or dipped in formaldehyde like Damien Hirst's art work lol. Anyhoo I think it was a stupid move and she might lose some fans over it.

    On the other hand Selena does look grown up and maybe a little grown up but she carries it off. I love the blue streak in Katy Perry's hair (the dress is pretty cool too - also reminds me of the figure skating ones)

  2. I'm not too sure what they did with the meat but I read somewhere that it hadn't been left out for hours and Gaga enjoyed the smell. Ack!

  3. Aww see, I recognise Lada Gaga isn't new, but I love the women she rips off and I love her, too. Grace Jones, Isabella Blow, Roisin Murphy and Madonna etc - there's room for everyone I think :)

    And that is a beautiful outfit, as always!

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  4. Great post! Agree with all of your comments on the dresses. Stephanie Pratt looks so beautiful.

    Also you have THE most amazing collection of shoes! They are incredible. x


  5. I think you look pretty amazing in the dress!

  6. I'm loving katy perrys & Emma Stone's looks. btw, love your outfit! You look gorgeous! xx

  7. love everything! I have the same condition on my arms, I exfoliate them while in the shower every few days and it helps some, but it does suck =(


  8. girl i have no idea how you wear those heels..
    i would break my neck. :)
    you look beautiful as always love!!!

  9. Wow those shoes are actually amazing! You look fabulous :)

    Stacey xx

  10. such a great post! and you're outfit looks lovely.
    but i have to say... the shoes look like killers! x


  11. Wow! You look beautiful with that one-shoulder dress and those luscious pumps! Looking like a chic superstar! I completely missed the MTV VMA coverage. So sadly, I didn't get to examine the fashions.

    But again, you look beautiful in that dress and those pumps. Greetings from Houston, Texas, USA!

    johnbmarine.blogspot.com (John's Blog Space)

  12. Lovely dress! and your shoes are amazing! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  13. Ah, those shoes! Were I to be so brave as to don a pair that high and that spectacular! You look amazing! Love the braid in your hair!

  14. great post. you look like youve lost some weight too... anywho i thought kesha looked disgusting as always and i agree with all your placing lol. even lady gaga- love her performances, hate the image - i find it stupid now.

  15. lovely! i like your dress and those shoes are sooo gorgeous!

  16. Your dress is amazing!!! And your shoes too!

  17. Love the Primark dress on you! I was pleasantly suprised to see Jeresey Shores Jwoww actually looking quite pretty!

  18. I agree with almost everything you wrote... Except for Hayley's and Emma's dresses.

    I agree that Emma's dress is a little boring, but it's not just plain ol' black and boring. I like the minimal amount of texture on it. I think it looks nice on her.

    I liked Hayley's dress, although the length was 'whoa! short', but she worked it, it showed her shape and it looked nice with her hair.

    My biggest 'nots' were Stephanie Pratt and Roxy Olin. I hate that dress on Stephanie, it just looks yuck to me.

    Roxy's dress looks just eugh for me. I like the top, but the bottom part looks tacky to me.

    Just my opinion... Lol. Love the blog, by the way!

  19. I liked gabi gregg dress...I saw it at the pre-show and also katy perry's no one else did anything for me.