First post/OOTD!

May 28, 2010

So I finally joined the bandwagon & created a fatshion blog! I hope you all enjoy it. From time to time I may post beauty reviews because I am a little make-up obsessed and I think it will be fun. On the right there is an "about me" page which will give you a little more insight into who I am. If you enjoy it, please follow my blog! I'll probably have a mini giveaway which I reach 50 followers -well, if I do!

Here is the outfit I wore shopping today, click the links to see the full size picture:
ootd: may 27 2010 ootd: may 27 2010
ootd: belt close up
ootd: may 27 2010 ootd: may 27 2010 (unflattering pic)
ootd: boots & dress close up

dress: savida €25 * ribbed tank top (underneath): primark €3.50 * cardigan: asos €23 * boots: primark €20 * leggings: faith 21 €5 * belt: random store €4

I bought the dress about 8 or 9 months ago and today was only my second time wearing it. I probably won't be wearing it again actually. It clings to all of the wrong places and the shape is just awful. The bottom is supposed to be fitted around the thighs but its baggy on me, plus the bust is way too low. I had a black tank top on underneath (hard to tell in the pictures) just to make it less revealing. The dress is a UK size 16 but I actually think a 12 or 14 would have looked much better on my bottom half. Which is pretty ridiculous because I would never fit my lower half into a size 12-14 in any other store.
The store I purchased it from doesn't have accurate sizing at all though, I own some shoes from there and I have to size down 2 and a half sizes! They make me feel good about my large UK size 7.5 feet.

While its flattering to see a size 12 on the tag, it's very annoying when I have to take multiple sizes of one piece of clothing to the fitting rooms!

Has anyone else ever experienced stores like this?