Oh, sweet Valentine.

February 8, 2011

Valentines day is almost upon us once again! I know that a lot of people think its just a silly way for businesses to make extra money, but you can apply that to just about any holiday nowadays! Even though its commercialized, I like it. I'm single this year but i'm still celebrating it. Why? Well, the holiday is about "love" and I love myself so why not! I think its important to love yourself and everyone should treat themselves a little now and then. So while gentlemen are off buying fancy jewelery and nice gifts for their lady friends, i'll be treating myself to a manicure and pair of new shoes.
Valentines Day will only be lonely if you let it be. You don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate the holiday, surround yourself with the ones you love and enjoy their company and don't focus on what you don't have. I like to remind myself that while I may be single this Valentines Day and possibly the next one too, it won't be for ever.

With that said, I have been browsing lots of online stores and there is so many pretty red dresses out there right now, I just had to share them. Maybe if you are looking for a little V-Day inspiration this will help! Unfortunately plus sized retailers are slacking in the "pretty red dresses for Valentines Day" this year so all of these come from regular stores. Can't you just imagine wearing #4 on a romantic picnic, or #5 to a fancy cocktail bar..
pretty little valentines day dresses
♥ 1. DKNY Twill Strapless Dress, $295 ♥ 2. People Tree Sash Prom Dress, £45 ♥ 3. Barneys Parker Strapless Dress, $208 ♥ 4. Modcloth Homeroom Sweetheart Dress, $60 ♥ 5. Acne Strapless Ruffle Dress, £490 ♥ 6. Red One Sleeve Ruffle Dress by Rare at Topshop, £45

If I had a boyfriend and we had something special planned, I would probably wear the outfit below. I never really look at Religion clothing but this dress is very much "me". The soft, draping fabric and tie waist belt make for a dreamy dress!
valentines date night outfit
Religion Love Red Dress, £95ASOS Chiffon & Satin Ruffle Clutch, £25Swarovski Crystal Maeva Ring, £99House of Harlow 1960 14ct Gold Plated Mini Key Pendant Necklace, £44Luichiny Acy Red Suede Pumps, $79.99



  1. Damn, you just made me want to buy a really pretty red dress! I love the key necklace too :)

  2. I love the last dress, and I agree Valentine's Day isn't all doom and gloom. However, it is easy for me to say that as I'll be spending it with my boyfriend but I think it's more about celebrating love in general rather than just showing your boyfriend how much you love them.


  3. Love the shoes! :) Gorgeous! xx

  4. I LOVE that Religion dress, it's definitely dreamy!
    This is my first year where I think I might be celebrating Valentine's Day, and it's freaking me out, I've only been with my boyfriend for a few weeks and have no idea how to celebrate it/ what to buy him! I agree though, I love looking at all the Valentine's themed press releases (most of them anyway) and treating myself!

  5. I totally adore number 4! It's just a shame the weather won't be sunny and warm enough for a pretty valetines picnic!

  6. lol I want to go shopping for a red dress now

  7. I don't have any red dress? Now you made me want to have one,i need one!! Desperately!!
    Well,my Valentine's day will be as it has been in the past 20 years,spent with no boyfriend but in my family's company celebrating my mother's birthday,oh and also starting the second semester in college. So,college,making dinner,making an apple pie,setting a pretty table and on and on and on.
    I love the selection of dresses and the outfit you pulled together,so perfect and red!! ♥

  8. Ohh that People Tree dress! I've been lusting after it for weeks and it's probably for the best that it's now sold out in my size...! What a great philosophy for Valentine's Day - I've never thought about it like that before, but a manicure and new shoes sounds just perfect!

    ...I think we're staying in and making quiche - the romance!

  9. You've selected the sweetest dresses ever! Perfect for any special occasion :) x

    Bows and Pearls

  10. I <3 RED!

    My godson was born on Valentine's Day 3 years ago so I love that I will always have something to celebrate, whether in a relationship or not :)


  11. i love dresses 4 & 6.
    red is my favorite color,
    so i love valentines day!
    i just got the most beautiful red dress from h&m for just $7
    lovely post!

  12. I love ALL the dresses you picked out here! ;)



  13. I love the dress you selected to wear yourself if you had a boyfriend.. but whose stopping you just buying it anyway! ;) love love love red though! i really need a red dress, its such a stunning colour and i dont even think i have ny item of clothing in my wardrobe that is red?!?! i did a valentines day post too. but its a little bit different from yours..!! http://www.thomassenland.com/2011/02/shit-bitch-you-is-fine.html


  14. I need a red dress in my life!! That Modcloth one is gorgeous! x

  15. I wish I'd thought of treating myself to some shoes for Valentines Day. I love your outfit for a Valentines Day date, very lovely! xx

  16. The deep red colour is lovely!
    The outfit you'd wear if you had a boyfriend is gorgeous, the pieces really compliment one another well! xx

  17. I LOVE the second dress, I need to own it now! Where is it from? xx

  18. Soooo good! I love it all! I miss wearing red! I don't wear it as much when I have the pink hair! I went through a stage of wearing only black, red & white, sometimes I miss it!

  19. I think i am in love with number 6! It looks like the one from Lavin x HM collection except in red.

  20. I love dressing up for Valentine's day ! It makes up for being single!

    alexandra @

  21. What a lovely post - so beautifully RED!! #1 #5 are my favs!!

  22. it was enriching to read your post.
    I just love dress #2. think I also want a red dress for v-day!

  23. wow that religion dress is stunning and i bet it looks even better on!

  24. V day is gonna be a sad one for me this year :(

    anyway love all the items on the list esp dress no #3

    wish my bf is here :(