Friday Favorites

April 15, 2011

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♥ [one] ♥ Fresh flowers - I am on a flower "kick" lately. Aldi and Lidl have a really nice selection of affordable flowers in store right now. I like to place them in windows throughout the house to add a hint of color (and prettiness!) to each room.
♥ [two] ♥ Grilled cheese sandwiches - Or "toasted cheese" as most people around these parts call 'em! They have made up 2/3 of my meals for the past month. Not exactly the healthiest thing to eat often but they're tasty, filling and quick to make.
♥ [three] ♥ Daydreaming of being on the beach - It probably won't be "beach weather" here until August but a girl can dream! I can't wait to feel the sand in my toes, breeze in my hair and sun on my skin.
♥ [four] ♥ Freckles - I love them. I currently have the grand total freckle on my face. My siblings get many more than me during the summer which i'm rather jealous of. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will get plenty when the sun decides to come around again.
♥ [five] ♥ Making summer plans - Making plans is half of the fun! At least it is to me. I love to plan things, which is probably a bad thing most of the time. Even if i'm planning something 6 months in advance, i'll be happy. I am currently trying to decide my list of "must do" things for this summer.
♥ [six] ♥ Days in the countryside - At the present time I am a town/city gal for sure. That said, its pretty hard to beat a nice day in the countryside. My grandma lives deep in the countryside, no other houses in sight. Its so nice to sit in her garden on the swing, surrounded by her flower garden and just breathe in the country air! I sound like a boring old lady but its nice to take time to just stop and enjoy the moment!
♥ [seven] ♥ Dreamcatchers - Anyone else love these? Necklaces, wall decorations, printed tshirts..if theres a dreamcatcher, I want it!
♥ [eight] ♥ Milkybars - The only chocolate worth eating in my opinion! I think the sweetshop man is beginning to think i'm special - I treat myself once a month and always get the same thing.. "one milky bar and a rainbow dust stick please!"
♥ [nine] ♥ Britney - I have been a Britney fan since I was eight or nine years old and I must say, I am really enjoying her new music! I dislike how the media are putting so much pressure on her for not being "old Britney". They seem to forget she has had two failed marriages, two little children and a breakdown that lasted for quite a while. I kind of wish she would "retire" and enjoy the rest of her life privately, I think she would be happier. I say that as a fan!

Also loving this song which I just have to share:

Have a great weekend!



  1. Mmmm toasties! Bloomin' gorgeous! I can't believe you treat yourself ONCE A MONTH. I wish I could do that, I think I'd kill someone!! ;)

    Great post, thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Beautiful photos, everything is lovely and love grilled cheese sandwiches, definitely one of my food groups aha x x

  3. @ Sarah - well i'm not a big chocolate/sweets person (Instead of snaking i'd rather eat cheesy pizza for dinner or something!) I just get chocolate cravings a few days before my "ladytime" (TMI, sorry!) hence the once-a-month thing. Milkybar is definitely my chocolate of choice though :)

  4. When I first got to England I didn't even realize that "toasted cheese" and "grilled cheese" were the same thing until I finally ordered a toasted cheese sandwich one day.
    Then I laughed at myself, and went on to enjoy my sandwich. :)

    And YES, dreamcatchers are awesome! I was looking at some online the other day, actually.

  5. Lovely photos, you've given me a craving for a cheese toastie now haha! xx

  6. @ Sonya - I think the only difference is its less common over here to cook a grilled cheese sandwich on a frying pan with butter (I think thats how they do it in the US?) Thankfully because I hate butter! I have a toasted sandwich maker which makes them perfectly :D

  7. Love the photos! I'm literally obsessed with milkybars <3 When I have one, I get bad cravings for them so I try and limit myself haha, otherwise I can eat about 4/5 in one sitting! x

  8. Lovely friday's! LOvely cuteeee pics <333


  9. Beautiful song. I have never heard of Radical Face, thank you for bringing them to my attention!

  10. Hey! Have you always lived in Ireland? I thought you sounded American (or just a little irish!) PS- i love your blog!

  11. I think I love all of these.
    I have been obsessed with grilled cheese as of late.

    There aren't milky bars where I live! I've never even heard of them!

    and days in the country side are amazing. i could never live there, but just to get away from everything for a day or two is SO nice.

    and i think freckles are just adorable!

  12. Yes to toasties! I have developed a bit of an addiction to ham and cheese toasties at the moment, they are so good and quick to make (might have one for brekkie now!)
    And massive yes to daydreaming of being on the beach and days in the countryside!

  13. YAY for Milkybars and Rainbow Dust :)

  14. Ooh I love a cheese toastie! Dreamcatchers are just beautiful, I keep meaning to buy a small one for my room (: And I love you for including Britney, I blimmin' adore that gal, she follows me on Twitter aha! xx

  15. Yum those toasties look delicious! Shame I just put my lunch in the oven!

  16. I love dreamcatchers as well! To bad I do not have one myself..The photo with frecles is gorgeous!
    Love Änglamark.

  17. Oh, and thanks for answering about the lamp and your other sweet comment:)

  18. i love britney! her new album is fabulous!

  19. Grilled cheese was the last thing I needed to see right now! MMM, now I need one!

  20. oh white chocolate is such a treat - I couldn't have it very often, it's just too sweet but as a treat it's fantastic.

    You've been tagged for an award over at Magatha May too.

  21. Yayy, britney love! I also don't understand why people berate her for not being the same performer that she was 10 or so years ago, it seems ridiculous to compare the 'two britneys'. I also wish she'd just move away from the public eye and live a peaceful life, but i read somewhere that she was contractually obliged to do another album plus earn as much as poss (hence the tours) due to all the money she lost during her lutfi/adnan days (diehard fan, can you tell?!? LOL )