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April 2, 2012

pre-summer wishlist
♥ 1: Bright green waisted maxi dress, £20 ♥ 2: Yellow weave satchel, £37 ♥ 3: Light peach flower print cut-out playsuit, £25 ♥ 4: Cream macrame tassel waistcoat, £40 ♥ 5: Light bleach denim super short hotpants, £35 ♥ 6: Gold tone crystal hair piece, £20 ♥ 7: White wedge sandals, £35

A few little bits n' bobs that have caught my eye recently! Its all from River Island, whoops. A few years ago it would have taken a LOT of convincing to get me to shop in their stores (I hated all of those blingy-gems they had on everything!) but in recent years they have stepped up a lot. I never thought I would find somewhere I loved to shop more than Topshop, but River Island has definitely taken its place. The only thing I dislike is the high mark-up in Irish stores, we pay a ridiculous price for things compared to our British neighbours across the pond. That said, I can't stay away...and they go up to size UK 18 which means I can actually fit into their skirts and shorts!

I mentioned it on twitter already but my blog was recently featured in an article on CNN! I'm still in shock, but so proud to be a part of it. A lot of the comments were rather nasty, especially towards the girl whose picture was used... so if you are a lady who deals with body issues I would advise against reading them. I think many people missed the main point of the article, it didn't promote obesity or an "unhealthy lifestyle", but rather to just be happy in your own skin. I would never encourage anyone to be unhealthy (I probably wouldn't get involved truth be told - i'm not a medical expert and its none of my business!) but I would encourage every girl, regardless of her size, to love herself.



  1. I agree! River Island have got some lovely pieces in at the moment which makes a real change from the tacky stuff I associate them with! x

  2. You've picked nice pieces. I really love green waisted maxi dress!
    I just read an article on CNN! I'm proud of you because I like you sooo sooo much and you're my inspiration even though I'm really skinny and want to put on more weight!!
    But, as you said, I'm truly happy in my own skin! <3

  3. Love the maxi dress, it would go brilliantly with the tassel waistcoat!

  4. The playsuit is my favourite item!

    xx Romy


  5. great list

    item num 4 and 7 are so nice

  6. that maxi dress looks totally awesome!

  7. I love that playsuit! It looks like it cinches in at the smallest part of the waist too - so annoying when playsuits pull in at the hips or something!

    Those wedges are so pretty too!

  8. Love the bag!!
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  9. The print on that playsuit is gorgeous :) Congratulations on being featured in the CNN piece!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. wtf on those comments! but love these items. I love River Island this time of year, they always feel so Spring / Summer ready! x

  11. really like the playsuit! youve picked out some lovely stuff :)

    aouibitof.blogspot.com x

  12. them denim shorts are lovely :) check out my wishlist on my blog? :)



  13. i love the playsuit! :)


  14. I'm an American who followed found your blog link on CNN. I have to say, I love your style and your blog is alot of fun! I only wish some of these things were available across the pond :).

    1. River Island actually deliver internationally! Forever 21 is very similar but lower quality. I would shop there more often but there's only one store in our whole country and i rarely go there. xo

  15. Love that blingy hair piece!

    Et tu, tutu?

  16. I've just seen your blog mentioned on the Daily Mail website about Fatshion blogs!! I was reading it and thought - hey I know that blog!!
    Sam x

  17. I love the playsuit as well. But the green dress, I think, could work with anything.


  18. I don't buy many things from River Island but I adore this green maxi dress! I have a black one which I love but feels a bit dark to wear in summer. Think I'll have to go and try this one on :)


  19. Such pretty finds! I love that green maxi :) And totally agreed with your message, there's so much snark on the Internet but it's about finding peace with ourselves and self-acceptance.

  20. i love the shorts and waistcoat - RI really have upped their game :) x

  21. Very nice collection .. nice choice of colors I like this set.
    I invite you to me. :)

  22. Well done for getting your blog featured on cnn. Love your picks, I still think river island is overpriced though, but their clothes are so pretty.


  23. I love the shorts!