February 26, 2012

♥ wanting to buy all of the goldfish at the pet store ♥ pretty skirt fabric ♥ making candyfloss ♥
♥ my favorite part of the train journey ♥ the best magazine ♥ shopping for dresses ♥
♥ flowers from my boyfriend ♥ girly days with my little sister & glitter tattoos ♥ afternoon reading ♥
♥ finally got the tickets! ♥ wearing a dress I initially hated ♥ amazing Primark accessory hangers ♥

Nothing too exciting, just some random iPhone pictures from the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on twitter you have probably seen all of these pictures already but I just wanted to share them because I took outfit pictures earlier and they looked awful. I will stick to taking them while its still bright out in the future!

I joined instagram a few days ago so if anyone wants to follow me on there my username is "pearlslaceandruffles"


Giveaway winners

February 22, 2012

logo It took me a while to organize all of the entries but I am finally announcing the winners of my recent giveaway. I am going to post their names/blogs here. Each winner has 7 days to contact me with their full postal address and if I don't hear from someone who has won, the prize will be passed on to someone else. I feel this is fair! Sooo...the winners of the items are:

♥ Floral print bag/Benefit eyeliner: Leanne Marie of leanne-marie
♥ Cath Kidston lipbalm/cameo bracelet: Danielle of dkd designs
♥ Soap and glory goodie bag: Courtney of courtzmelv
♥ Layered pearl necklace/nautical charm bracelet: Daniela of ballerinabird
♥ Bottle necklace/owl hairclips: Hannah of anoldstory

To claim your prize please drop me an email [pearlslaceandruffles [at] gmail [dot] com] with your full name and postal address. Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll probably have another giveaway in the near future so if you haven't won this time keep an eye out for that!

xoxo edit on march 6th: I didn't hear from two of the winners so I will generate two new winners via and announce them in one of my next posts.

Etsy pretties

February 16, 2012

I had a "Friday Favourites" post all ready to go, then I remembered its only Thursday - whoops! My Etsy favourites are stacking up again so i'll share some of those instead!

this pale pink brooch

this wooden hanging heart

this lace and pearl necklace

this dainty lace bow headband

this soft pink skull clutch purse

this vintage crochet lace collar

this paper mache pirate ship

this pair of vintage wayfarer suitcases

this book lamp


OOTD: In the dark I see

February 12, 2012

OOTD / 12 February 2012 OOTD / 12 February 2012 OOTD / 12 February 2012 OOTD / 12 February 2012 OOTD / 12 February 2012
Blouse: Topshop *** Skirt: Dunnes *** Belt: Dunnes

This is "the" Topshop blouse that was seen everywhere around this time last year. I think I have only ever posted one or two outfits with it on my blog, but I wear it quite often. I hardly ever see it on other people (bloggers especially!) anymore but its still one of my favourites. Personally, I think if you love a certain piece of clothing it shouldn't matter how many seasons ago its from, if the trend is still "in", etc. After taking these pictures I realised how noticeable the outline of my bra was and had to slip on a tank top underneath. I don't think its quite as obvious in person (I used flash on my pictures which makes it stand out more) but i'm going to be wearing vest tops underneath it in the future just to be sure!

I just want to say thank you so much for all of the supportive comments on my last post. It really means the world to me. It was a little daunting to write that post and share such a big thing with so many people because sometimes its easier to pretend everything is okay - but I am glad I shared it and knowing it has helped other people is just the most wonderful feeling.


When things get tough

February 7, 2012

Please don't read ahead if you feel that something in this post may trigger you, it touches upon depression/anxiety/death/mental health.

pretty collar

This is not the usual kind of post you would find on my blog but its something I would consider to be a major issue in my life right now, and I hope sharing this will help someone else get courage to speak to someone if they feel like they need a little bit of "help". Whilst i'm aware not everyone will have the same problems I do (and I know therapy isn't for everyone) - Its okay to ask for help when you feel like you need it. Whether that be in the form of a therapist or a good friend you can trust.

A few months ago I realised one day I will be dead. I know that probably sounds ridiculous to some people, but when your life has (for the most part) been unaffected by death - its quite easy to forget it happens. I started having what can only be described as panic attacks about once every two-three days when I thought about it. I could deal with it but over the past few weeks I began to feel like I had reached "boiling point" - my mind was stuck on this one horrible thought and although I desperately wanted to think of other things, it just wasn't possible. It went from thinking about it once every couple of days to thinking about it for most of the day. Its kind of silly in a way, because here I was crying about dying in the future and that meant I was missing out on right now.

After spending a large part of a Friday evening crying, I went to see an "emergency" doctor who works outside of normal hours. I have to be honest, at the time it was the last place I wanted to go - but did so because I knew my loved ones were worried. From the second I went inside until I departed, I felt like an inconvenience. I thought the doctor was joking when he asked "is this the first time you have tried to harm yourself?" - he obviously hadn't read my file because this was the opposite of what I wanted to do. He asked me a list of questions which were all of the "how to know if you're depressed" signs and symptoms I had googled earlier, it almost felt like it was a game of questions and answers. Even though my answer to all but one question was "no", I was prescribed Xanax and antidepressants before I left and told these weren't addictive. I understand he was probably worried when a 21 year old girl was sitting in his office crying like a baby - but i'm a big girl, we are both adults and he should be honest with his patients (a quick google search tells the horrors of Xanax addiction!)
When I left the doctors office, I was feeling confused and misunderstood. That night I took half of a 0.5mg Xanax and slept for 13 hours, the following day I took half of a 0.25mg Xanax at 3pm and spent most of the evening laying on my bed until I eventually fell asleep at 7pm. I was supposed to be taking the full Xanax pills twice a day along with antidepressants which list being extra tired and weight gain as the main side effects (as an already overweight girl, I don't think I should be taking pills which make people gain as much as 30lbs in 6 weeks!) Taking all of the pills would have meant I would likely want to sleep all day, every day. I did not want to waste my life in bed, nor did I want to take pills I didn't feel like I needed. I don't believe I was/am depressed, anxiety maybe, but I think the doctor diagnosed me as depressed and put me on pills because it was an easy option.

The next week I began to google counselling services and called up a local therapist who scheduled an appointment for the next morning. It was a little daunting at first, I was really afraid of going in there and being judged but I was made feel so comfortable and welcome. Although I still have a long way to go, I know I will get there and I really feel that this is what I need to get on with my life and focus on the positive things again.

I guess the main point of this post was to share "my story" which I hope will help other people. If ever you don't feel comfortable with what your doctor has prescribed/recommended, seek a second opinion. If you think you may need to speak to a therapist but are worried about the stigma attached to it and mental problems in general - don't be! Sometimes we need a little bit of help or guidance and nobody should be afraid/ashamed to seek it. I'm certainly glad I have.


ps. Completely unrelated but I will be announcing the winners of my giveaway as soon as possible, its going to take me a while to sort through all of the entries. Thanks to everyone who entered!