OOTD: Lace Stripes

March 30, 2012

OOTD / 30 March 2012 OOTD / 30 March 2012 OOTD / 30 March 2012 OOTD / 30 March 2012 Top: New Look *** Skirt: Primark *** Bracelets: Primark

We had a lovely week of sunshine and high temps here (well, 20C/68F is hot compared to usual!) but sadly our usual cold and windy weather decided to make an appearance today. The cold air felt more chilly than usual (possibly because of all the sunshine I was just getting used to!) so I popped into Primark and bought the tights i'm wearing. I took a better photograph of the back of them which you can see here. The top is from New Look, its supposed to be an oversized crop top but I prefer to avoid oversized clothes so I opted for a size down...I think it looks just as nice fitted with a high waisted skirt!

I went to see Drake in concert last weekend and just about feel recovered now. If any of you ladies are fans of his and haven't seen him in concert yet - I would highly recommend it! I felt slightly (okay, very!) under-dressed though, I wore a lace skater dress, tights and flats but most other girls were wearing bodycon skirts/knicker shorts/super high heels. I love my high heels but there is no way you could convince to wear them to a concert! It was amazing though, it was probably one of the best concerts I have been to.


OOTD: All Day Long

March 23, 2012

OOTD / 23 March 2012 OOTD / 23 March 2012 OOTD / 23 March 2012 OOTD / 23 March 2012 OOTD / 23 March 2012
Top: New Look *** Skirt: New Look *** Belt: Dunnes *** Bracelets: Primark

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the lovely comments on my last entry. Its nice to know my nervous-ness wasn't completely obvious in the video!

The skirt in todays outfit is supposed to be a knee length skirt, but because i'm short it fits a little more like a midi skirt! Its not the most flattering length for someone of my height, but I just love the color and pleats. The top is one of these tie front shirts from New Look. They are possibly my favourite thing to wear right now! They're really soft, almost t-shirt like fabric, and they are so comfy for every day wear. Sometimes all those tight fitted blouses can feel a bit restricting if you have a bigger bust.

Sorry this was rather short, I had loads of things on my mind to talk about earlier... but its completely blank now! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Recent haul video

March 18, 2012

I rarely post videos (I am super nervous on camera, I just feel so silly and awkward standing alone in my bedroom talking to a camera - who's is with me on that?) but I decided to upload one I made around the end of 2011. A lot of people were asking if I was ever going to update my Youtube channel again so I figured this video would be better than nothing at all, despite it being overly bright! Its a haul video - I know lots of people hate those but it was easiest for me to make! I had less than ten minutes to set up my camera and record it so I do apologize if it seems overly rushed. Some of the items have already been in outfit posts on my blog, the rest will make an appearance in the near future, i'm sure!


(feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel if you would like to!)

Blog design & html tips: 001

March 7, 2012

bannerI sometimes receive emails from readers, fellow bloggers and people who want to start a blog, asking who designed my blog or if I can design a layout for their own blog. In short: I designed my blog myself but no, sadly I don't have time to make layouts for other people. I will however, share some "tips" that can help jazz your blog up a bit! If you are already familiar with HTML then you probably know how to do all of this already but hopefully it will benefit some people!

I am going to make this a "series" and try and stick to one tip per post, so that it doesn't get too confusing. In this post we will be focusing on how to make your images appear in rows like this:

This type of code is really useful for "weekly roundup" type posts, or even if you just plan on sharing a lot of pictures but want them presented in a neat and compact way! To begin with, your images should all be the same height and width, otherwise they will look uneven and messy. If you don't have access to photoshop, you can crop your images via Picnik on Flickr (I use instagram for iPhone, which also crops them) I would recommend cropping the images to square.

♥ To begin, you need to decide how many pictures you want per row. I like to keep mine at 3 pictures but you can add more or less if you wish. To add more pictures per row, simply change the width (in the coding below) to a smaller number.
♥ Next, copy and paste the following code into your blog post (make sure its the "html" mode, rather than "compose")

♥ Replace "IMGURL" with the width of the images you want to use. I set the width to "178" for my blog, but you may need to adjust this if your layout is wider or smaller than mine. Just play around with the numbers until you find what works best for your blog.
♥ The code above is one row of images, you can add as many additional rows as you like by copy & pasting the code again.

I hope this helps! If you have any ideas for future html/design tip posts let me know. I am going away tomorrow for a few days (a family friend is getting married) so things may be quiet around here and twitter until after the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week!


OOTD: Its far from over

March 6, 2012

OOTD / 6 March 2012 OOTD / 6 March 2012 OOTD / 6 March 2012 OOTD / 6 March 2012 OOTD / 6 March 2012 OOTD / 6 March 2012 Sweater: Primark *** Skirt: ASOS *** Accessories: Primark/Forever 21

I got this jumper in Primark a while back, they came in a few different colors but the coral was definitely my favourite! The one I bought is a size 18 but they fit really small so its a little tighter than I would like, Primark sizing can be really unpredictable. The color is so pretty though, perfect for spring and the little pearls really "make it". The weather has been rather nice lately, we really appreciate sunshine when we get it. I think it just lifts everyone's mood and for me - its nice not to worry about goosebumps when I go barelegged! I recently found out that in each box of clothes my local Primark get in, there is only one size 20 and two size 18's (thanks to a lovely fellow big gal who works there!) Is it weird that I now feel bad about shopping there? If I buy one of the size 20 items I always think "well this means someone else will miss out on it now".

I just want to apologize for not being too active lately. I know I don't post as much as other bloggers to begin with, but things have been so hectic in my life that I decided to just put my blog aside until I had some free time, rather than fill it with wishlists and inspiration - as tempting as that was! Its also strange to blog because ever since my post where I mentioned worrying about death, I am looking at everything differently. I still love blogging, don't get me wrong, but I don't spend all of my extra money on clothes now..which isn't great for my blog considering its mostly about the clothes I wear! I do still buy new things, but before I was spending all of my money on clothes whereas now its just a very small percentage. Its possible I will "get over" this, but for now I am enjoying spending my money on other things with more meaning and wearing my older clothes more.