OOTD: Nautical

April 22, 2012

OOTD / 22 April 2012 OOTD / 22 April 2012 OOTD / 22 April 2012 OOTD / 22 April 2012 OOTD / 22 April 2012 OOTD / 22 April 2012
Top: Primark *** Skirt: New Look *** Accessories: Primark/Forever 21

These pictures are actually from a couple of days ago, I completely forgot to post them! I decided to wear red lipstick for the first time in a long time, and planned my outfit around that. I'm a huge fan of red lipstick, my favourite shade is the one i'm wearing in these pictures - "Ruby Woo" by MAC. As much as I love it, I don't wear lip products very often and tend to stick with a natural shade of lipgloss when I do, but a little red lipstick always makes me feel so glamorous!

Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my last post! I might do more of those kinds of posts in the future, as I really prefer taking pictures of other things that aren't myself!

PS. If anyone is interested I listed some things on eBay tonight. Mostly size UK 16 and 18. I have lots more left to list over the coming weeks but i'm going to do it in batches of 20 or so items at a time! You can view the current items I have listed here.



April 15, 2012

Just some pictures I have taken recently and thought I would share them with you all.
This time of year is my favourite ♥

spring spring spring spring spring


OOTD: Va Va Voom

April 8, 2012

OOTD / 8 April 2012 OOTD / 8 April 2012 OOTD / 8 April 2012 OOTD / 8 April 2012 OOTD / 8 April 2012 OOTD / 8 April 2012 OOTD / 8 April 2012
Dress/belt: River Island *** Bag: Primark *** Accessories: Primark

I bought this dress a couple of months ago and didn't wear it as I was unsure if I would keep it or not. Glad I did now because I absolutely love it. The material is thick enough to keep you warm but doesn't look too "wintery". The perfect spring dress, for spring in western Europe anyways! The belt is a teeny bit too small for me which you can probably tell, but I expected that because I can never fit into belts in River Island! I will have to keep a look out for a new one to replace it.
The handbag is a very old purchase, at least four years old. It was one of the first bags I bought from Primark when my handbag obsession began. Its both wonderful and horrible, wonderful because its so big and roomy and horrible for the very same reasons! I tend to fill my handbags with junk when they are this big. Not purposely, but its easier to throw a leaflet or ten in there and tell yourself "i'll take that out later", and then you never actually do!

For the past week or so my throat has been really sore. After trying to avoid it for as long as possible, I went to see a doctor on Thursday evening. She didn't really know what was wrong, unfortunately. Apparently it looked "just a little bit red, nothing major" and it "might be strep, but it mightn't be"...so i'm still not sure what it is. Aside from the sore throat, I could barely open my mouth, my ears hurt when I swallow and the light hurts my eyes...not a great combination! It meant the best place for me was my bed. The antibiotics are beginning to work thankfully. I get sick far too often!

Did all of you ladies have a good Easter? I hope so! Judging by my FB newsfeed, i'm the only girl under 25 who didn't go out drinking/clubbing this weekend. I am beginning to feel like an 80 year old...I much prefer quiet nights in these days. Netflix has taken over my life since it launched here!


Weekly wishlist

April 2, 2012

pre-summer wishlist
♥ 1: Bright green waisted maxi dress, £20 ♥ 2: Yellow weave satchel, £37 ♥ 3: Light peach flower print cut-out playsuit, £25 ♥ 4: Cream macrame tassel waistcoat, £40 ♥ 5: Light bleach denim super short hotpants, £35 ♥ 6: Gold tone crystal hair piece, £20 ♥ 7: White wedge sandals, £35

A few little bits n' bobs that have caught my eye recently! Its all from River Island, whoops. A few years ago it would have taken a LOT of convincing to get me to shop in their stores (I hated all of those blingy-gems they had on everything!) but in recent years they have stepped up a lot. I never thought I would find somewhere I loved to shop more than Topshop, but River Island has definitely taken its place. The only thing I dislike is the high mark-up in Irish stores, we pay a ridiculous price for things compared to our British neighbours across the pond. That said, I can't stay away...and they go up to size UK 18 which means I can actually fit into their skirts and shorts!

I mentioned it on twitter already but my blog was recently featured in an article on CNN! I'm still in shock, but so proud to be a part of it. A lot of the comments were rather nasty, especially towards the girl whose picture was used... so if you are a lady who deals with body issues I would advise against reading them. I think many people missed the main point of the article, it didn't promote obesity or an "unhealthy lifestyle", but rather to just be happy in your own skin. I would never encourage anyone to be unhealthy (I probably wouldn't get involved truth be told - i'm not a medical expert and its none of my business!) but I would encourage every girl, regardless of her size, to love herself.


Blog design & html tips - How to make a blog button

April 1, 2012

My last html-help post was quite a hit so I am planning to keep doing this series until I run out of ideas. If anyone has any suggestions on things they'd like to see a tutorial for, please leave a comment!

Today i'm going to show you how to make a blog button! Its quite simple and I usually make mine in Photoshop, but i'm aware that not everyone will have it, so after searching the web I found a free alternative. Well, actually, I found Picnik which is shutting down this month...then I found a newer/better tool, woohoo!

♥ Firstly you will need to decide if you want to create your button with a photograph, or if you would prefer a text-only button. If you want to use text only, I created a blank base which you can download here (just right click --> save as, on the blank white image)

♥ Next, go to the website we will use to create the button --> http://www.picmonkey.com

tutorial image
♥ Click on the "edit your photo" banner and choose the photo (or the blank button if you want to use that instead) to upload to their website.

tutorial image
♥ I chose to use a photograph - don't worry if its super big we'll fix that later.

tutorial image
♥ From the menu on the left side of the screen, click the first icon "basic edits". Then we will be choosing the crop option. How much you decide to crop the image depends on how you want your banner to look, some people prefer square buttons but I like mine to be rectangular. Decide on how you are going to crop it and click apply. (if you are using the blank white button, skip this step as I already cropped and resized it to a suitable size!)

tutorial image
♥ Time to add the text! Click the "P" icon on the menu (fourth from the top) Here you are given a list of fonts and an empty box to write your text into. Play around with a couple of different fonts, sizes and colors until you find one that suits. (I apologize that I didn't screen cap this part, but its pretty easy so I didn't think I needed to! The font I used for my button pictured above was Sue Ellen Francisco)

tutorial image
♥ This next step is completely optional, but if you think your button looks a little too minimal, you can add a cute little shape to jazz it up a bit! To add one to your button, click the "overlays" icon which is the fifth one down. Choose your shape, color and adjust the height to suit! I would recommend keeping these to a minimum if your button has a photograph. My button looked a little too bare on the bottom so I added a butterfly in a very light coral color, so it didn't distract the eye too much.

tutorial image

♥ Now you're almost finished! We need to resize the button by clicking the first icon, basic edits, again. Click resize and set your width. I usually keep my blog buttons between 180-220. Today I set mine to 200px wide. Make sure the "keep proportions" box is ticked then click apply.

♥ Congrats, you're all done and have made a button for your blog! Just click the save button at the bottom to save the button to your computer.

♥ To post your button somewhere on the web just upload it to an image host like http://imgur.com. Copy the "direct link" URL and from the following code, replace the IMGURL with the direct link to your image. Also replace BLOGURL with your blog/website URL.

♥ If you want to place your button in your sidebar and include a code for your readers to share it (like I have in my sidebar) then just use the following code, replace IMGURL/BLOGURL as above and remove all *'s from the code.

♥ I hope this wasn't too hard to follow...happy button making!