2 years of blogging

May 28, 2012


This blog, my little space on the internet, is two years old today! I still can't get my head around that. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was trying to think up a blog name and take my first OOTD pictures. You'll have to excuse my less than impressive drawing above, I have no artistic skills whatsoever but I tried!
I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to every single one of you who continue to read, comment and follow my blog. It really means the world to me. I never would have thought my blog would reach so many people, and I appreciate it so very much.

Heres to many more years of blogging :)


OOTD: Summer has arrived

May 26, 2012

OOTD / 26 May 2012 OOTD / 26 May 2012 OOTD / 26 May 2012 OOTD / 26 May 2012 OOTD / 26 May 2012
Top: Awear *** Shorts: Dunnes

 An outfit post... it has been WAY too long since I posted one of these! Todays outfit is very simple but I still love it. The top was purchased from Awear a couple of seasons ago, the little crochet detailing on the neck and bright floral print are very "me"! The shorts are denim hotpants, which I usually despise, but the floral lining kind of won me over. I think you could add floral print to anything I dislike and I would instantly like it! Excuse my face in the second picture, I look kind of angry but my camera took the picture when I was about to smile and I forgot to re-take!
The weather has been so beautiful this past week, lots of sunshine and temperatures of 20+ degrees C, which might not seem hot to many people but we don't get much sunshine here so when we do, its very exciting! The only thing that bothers me is the large amount of people walking around sunburned, I have even heard some brag about getting burned.. which is just crazy because burning your skin is not cool or safe.

Thanks for all of the lovely, wonderful and supportive comments in my last post. There is still some that I haven't replied to, but I have read all of them and appreciate them so much. I know I don't owe my followers an explanation as to why I am/want to lose weight, but I just felt like it was something big in my life that I wanted to share. Plus since i'm losing weight its going to be obvious in my OOTD pictures at some point, so I figured that post would tell people in advance so I don't get lots of weight-related comments! I still need to reply to some of your emails asking for the link to my weight loss blog, I haven't forgotten you! I'll try get around to that before the end of the weekend. I'm not going to talk about my weight loss on here too much because I don't want this blog to become about my weight, so i'll leave it at that.

 I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine and has a lovely weekend!


An update, getting a little personal.

May 11, 2012

for my blog If you visit my blog regularly then you have probably noticed that I haven't been a great blogger recently. I have said from the beginning that I only blog when I want to rather than to please other people (hence my whopping 5 posts per month, in recent months!) but I have been blogging even less lately. I think my last post was approx 3 weeks ago and nothing since then. I still check my blog daily and read other blogs, but I haven't been posting and there are reasons, which I think I need to share because I owe that to the people who actually keep coming back to my blog and send me so many wonderful comments, emails, etc.

Firstly I haven't been very well in recent months. I'm not looking for sympathy but when I feel sick the last thing I want to do is take pictures of myself and fake a smile (real ones are much better)! I mentioned briefly on here about being sick before but I have problems with both of my ears, a recurring infection and a problem that may require surgery. I have also been getting TOTM twice a month which means I am miserable for 3 out of every 4 weeks.

Sickness aside, there is another reason I haven't been blogging. Probably the main reason, actually...5 weeks ago I decided to lose weight. I know a lot of peoples first thought will probably be.. "but I thought you were comfortable with your body? I thought you were confident and loved your body and didn't want to be skinny?" but let me explain..
I am. I have spent most of my life as an overweight girl and it took me a long time, but I finally gained confidence. I lost weight as a teenager by barely eating (less than 500 cals a day) and making myself sick to "slim down" to a UK size 12/USA size 8. Thats the smallest I have ever been my entire teenage/adulthood life. My goal back then was to be "skinny" and I didn't care about hurting my body. After getting comfortable with food again and gaining the weight back (and more!) I learned to love my body and gain confidence, despite my size. But after a talk with my doctor and thinking about my future...I might be confident and love my body on the outside, but if i'm overweight and thats doing damage to my insides, surely that means I don't love my body as much as I say I do. That doesn't mean I fill my body with junkfood 24/7, because I don't and never did, but I just need to start caring for me better...not just what people see on the outside but whats inside too.
I am not losing weight to become "skinny" - I just want to be healthy. I am not doing it to fit into certain clothes, I honestly own my dream closet already and had many debates in my head about losing weight just because I love my clothes so much. I am not doing it for men, I am seeing someone and even if I wasn't - I couldn't care less about someone who just liked me because i'm a smaller jean size. I am doing it for me - because I want to live a long life. I want to be healthy, I want to be able to walk up the stairs without feeling like i'm going to pass out. I don't want to have diseases, surgeries, etc. because of my weight in the future. Two of my relatives died young from complications related to type 2 diabetes, I don't want that to be me.

So with all of that talk out of the way, I just want to say that this blog never has been about my weight so I will not be posting about my weight loss here. I have made a separate blog to help keep me motivated (I lose motivation very easily!) and if anyone wants the link I would be happy to share but please email me (pearlslaceandruffles [at] gmail [dot] com) and include the link to your blog. If you don't have a blog then I probably won't share the link. I hope that doesn't sound rude but I would just rather know who is viewing it!

What this means for pearlslaceandruffles is that I probably won't be posting outfits with new clothes too often for the next couple of months. I am trying my very best to wear the clothes I already have as much as possible while they still fit, and I haven't been shopping in months. I don't want to buy clothes until I lose more weight because it seems pointless! I will still post but not as many outfit posts as before. I am considering adding beauty posts/reviews to make up for it, but i'm not 100% sure if people would be interested as there are so many beauty blogs out there already?

Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to say and wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything. To those of you who actually read it all, thank you!