Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Dee (well actually, thats my nickname/short for my birth name, but I prefer to be called it) and i'm a twenty-one year old girl currently living in a small town in √Čire. I have a bunch of interests, probably too many to list here but a few are photography, make-up, fashion, design (graphic, web and interior), urban exploration, travel and pastel/light colors. I am a vegetarian and have been since I was about fourteen years old. I'm incredibly shy and awkward in real life - I never know what to say around new people!

"Pearls, Lace And Ruffles" began in late May 2010. I had wanted to start a blog for the longest time but wasn't sure what I wanted to blog about or if I would enjoy it (I loved reading other peoples blogs) however over a year-and-a-half later I can say that I absolutely adore blogging! When I first began this blog I thought only other "big" girls would like reading it and it was mainly about plus sized fashion - since then I have received comments, emails and follows from girls of every shape and size. Because of this I dropped the "a fatshion blog" subtitle and simply focused on blogging about what really interested me. Not that plus size fashion didn't - but I think we should all just have "blogs" - not "plus size", not "normal size", just blogs! We're all the same underneath our outer shell and I have just as much in common with thin girls as I do with fellow big girls.

For reference I wear a size UK 16-18. If something is knit, oversized or very stretchy fabric I will wear a size UK 16. However if theres a zip or its a fitted garment I usually have to pick up a size UK 18. (or size 20 if its in in Primark...their sizes are so unpredictable!) I'm about 5'4 in height.

Thanks for reading! :)